LISNews - Drupal Beta Site

'Cmon over to the LISNews - Drupal Beta Site and let me know what you think. Sometime within the next month or so I'll be porting LISNews over to Drupal. If you're reading this you Probably had your account moved from here, so you can login with your same old username/password. I say Probably because I didn't move over all the user accounts, but chances are if you're someone who reads this you're someone who got moved.

Let Me Know What You Think!!


Yay! Looks good, Blake... Except for some reason (and I know this will change and be removed when the site is live-r) whenever I see that little Drupal tear drop sort of guy I get the itch to whack my monitor.

I never much liked doing Drupal upgrades (hence my switching back to Wordpress) but it is a better fit what LISNews does than for what I do. And from what I hear, it's gotta be easier than slashcode.

I rather enjoyed the stories on the beta site, too. Hee hee.

Looks great, Blake.

Just one thing, when I checked my account it told me I've been a member for 37 years, 36 weeks. Given that I'm 36 yrs 7 mos (as of today. really. *G*) this is a neat trick. Don't know that it's that important in the overall scheme of things, but I figured you'd want to know.

I have been fooling around with Drupal recently too. The installed it on a sandbox at work as Collaboration apps are trendy at work this month.

I am interested in the taxonomy functions of Drupal. We are going to use Synaptica as our taxonomy management application and I am looking for a way to integrate that with various CMS.

I installed it on a few minutes ago with a mysql backend feel free to muck about there if anyone wants.

How did you unencrypt the passwords from the slashcode side to push to drupal?

Your box on the left seems to be so long that it prevents the discussion2/ajax comment control box to float over on the left hand side. Using Safari 2.0.4

Your to-do list seems rather large, and not fun. Remind me of what the benefits are going to be after the switch is complete?

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