what's the overdue fine for that dvd on Mars?

So NASA is sending a specially made DVD to Mars that has the message on it: "Attention Astronauts: Take This with You." It's a DVD produced by The Planetary Society that includes a message from Carl Sagan, texts about Mars, artworks and radio broadcasts.

Is there any due date on that? If it's a high-demand item, we usually limit the check out time to 7 or 14 days. But NASA is only sending one copy... doesn't this go against the nature of space exploration? "To seek out new life and new civilizations." When you send one dvd into space, doesn't that mean you think only one alien will find it? And that it won't be cool enough that the alien will tell his friends so that they'll want one, too?

Have we given up on the idea that there's intelligent life out there?
And what's up with this picture?

Why do you want to give them these ideas? Maybe up till now they've been afraid to attack us, but now you're showing them that all it takes is a hammer to split our heads open? What is wrong with The Planetary Society? Why are they trying to pick a fight with Mars? And there's another picture of "Buster" Crabbe from Mars Attacks the World: Stop giving them ideas!

And put a security strip on that dvd with a sticker that says, "For Reference Use Only. Not to be taken away from this planet."