Not allowing comments is childish

The good doctor posted something from Library Juice. It was some crap that the SRRT put out and sent to our elected officials. Now I have to writ my senators and representative (well unless I see him at dinner again) and tell them all librarians are not members of the SRRT and the ones that are I consider for the most part Communists, or nutjobs (sometimes both)

However not allowing comments on her post seems to defeat the purpose of a forum such as this.

So feel free to post your comments about the Library Juice crapola here.


Whining about how someone else manages their journal is not only childish it is downright petulant. If I have something I want to say so badly about a journal entry and that writer has not enabled comments I can just as easily write a reply to it in my own journal.

An option that seems to have escaped your attention even while you were engaging in it.

Happy Canada Day.

I could but I can't be bothered going to that site as it is all mindless crap.

Happy Independence Day.

I've made posts where I felt that I said what I wanted to say and didn't necessarily want to hear anyone else's opinion or other feedback on the subject, -in my journal-.
Also these fora seem to attract writers who want to conduct flame wars against another poster (not necessarily the person who made the original posting) on -someone's personal journal-. We have the right and deserve the privilege to block comments on our own -personal journals- if we so desire. I agree, it's nice to allow comments, but they're not always welcome, particularly when miscellaneous others allow them to grow from a puff of smoke into a raging inferno.