ALA2007: People Places & Things

Usually I have a somewhat coherent post conference wrap up post. This year it's just not there. So this is just a quick people, places and things dump. The virus that hit me on Thursday, combined with beer and cold medication makes much of the conference a bit blurry...

People: Andrea & Rochelle. Cyndi, Amy, Heidi, Michael, Jenny, Chad, Walt, Movers & Shakers, Norman, John(s), Mitch, Dan, David, Marilee, Julie, Aaron, Joe(s), Ann, Ryan, Kate, Brett, Kevin, Jason, Karen(s), Talis guys, Hale guys, Michael, Christy, Michelle, Chris, Anna, Meredith, Roy, Casey and MILFs.

Places: Chipotle, Hilton, WCC, Metro, cabs, Capitol Brewery, bloggers salon, exhibits, and Dupont Circle.

Things: Free beer, swag, wifi, cell phones, lap tops, bags, viruses, tissues, beer, shower caps, zen butter, grape fruit pop, Hollywood Librarian, Flickr, Twitter, Google Kool-Aid cookies, escalators, lines, NPR, a boob.

I underestimated just how sick I really was going in on Friday, and it really slowed me down all weekend. I'm still physically exhausted. I managed to surround myself with some brilliant people full of great ideas. Conferences always leave me with a long list of professional and personal goals.

I can't say the conference or programs did much for me, but the people did more than I could've hoped for.


Is that redundant?

That really should've been a link to This. For some reason it just struck me as funny.

Okay, you were a bit droopy Friday morning, but you were a trooper! You steeled yourself for that free LJ luncheon and open bar, with nary a complaint. I'm in awe of your self-sacrifice. Loved your concise round-up--I think you hit it all.

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