Cites on a Plane 2: This Time It's for Keeps

In plenty of time for ALA Annual--but also for those of you not going to DC in a few weeks, Cites on a Plane 2: This Time It's for Keeps is now available for downloading.

This 44-page issue is Cites & Insights 7:7, Mid-June 2007. (The seventh issue of the seventh volume: A lucky issue?)

Like COAP, COAP2 is much larger than a regular issue and is largely composed of old material.

Unlike COAP, COAP2:

  • Includes a fair amount of new material, something like 35-40% of the issue.
  • Will stick around permanently (or as permanently as C&I itself)
  • Has a single theme!

Indeed, it's a "conference issue"--all about Conferences & Speaking.

After a brief introduction, the issue includes four sections:

  • Coping with Conferences
  • State Conferences and Others
  • The Speaking Life
  • Conference-Speaker Arrangements

There is an HTML version available from the home page--but please do not print out the HTML version in full, as it will use a lot more paper (58 pages as compared to 44 pages for the PDF, in an informal FireFox print-preview test).