A Stalinist style human rights festival?

So, Leslie, darling, how is it that you had a "human rigths" festival without pointing out the human rights failures by the repressive Cuban regime? I wouldn't think it was much of a coup to have only two human rights areas in which a government excels while violating every other area of human rigths. The Universal Declaration of Human Rigths is not restricted to just education and health care.

Screening of Cuban films sets off firestorm

By: Kristin Boyd, Staff Writer


Library responds to accusations that Human Rights Film Festival distorts conditions in Cuba

The Princeton Public Library has inadvertently set off a firestorm of criticism involving Cuba, health care and human rights.

According to some critics, two of the 15 films shown during the library's annual Human Rights Film Festival last weekend are "propaganda" and do not accurately reflect life in Cuba.

"I think it's outrageous to have a film festival at a public library that leaves out all the realities of Cuba, especially when you have thousands of witnesses to the human rights violations," said Maria C. Werlau, executive director of Cuba Archive, an organization that collects information about the country.


Leslie Burger, library director, said the film festival committee had no intentions to glorify Cuba. "Salud!" and "The Power of Community" were chosen because of the issues they addressed, not where they were filmed.

"They felt it was unbalanced because there were two films that were holding Cuba up as a model, and that really wasn't it," Ms. Burger said. "It wasn't a Cuban film festival. It was a human rights festival. The conversations we were trying to have were about education and energy and health care and immigration and disaster relief."


It would be easier to list those parts of the UDHR that Cuba adheres to than to list those that it does not.

The selection criteria was laughable. To say that Cuba has is an example for public health is simply stupid. Public health involves much more than the delivery of medical care. It involves assuring a safe and consistent food supply (and water supply) assuring appropriate food storage, transport, and preparation - you know keeping the electricity on for the refirgerators. Public Health Education is also important, but I don't see this in a place that jails people for what they say or think.

I have to agree with you Fang, if you are going to choose films about Human Rights, try not to choose films about those who violate them. What no North Korean films dubbed into English yet?

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