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Lindzen is a brilliant and respected scientist. He is also wrong. Here's how:>

I have several of the titles on your list in my collection and I am having a "not-man-made" global warming speaker come to give a lecture.

He, and those books, are wrong. Just like Lindzen is wrong.

I respect the patron's right to make up their own mind and read from a range of viewpoints. It doesn't mean they are right.

I have books on the herbal treatment of depression and how vaccines give kids autism but they are bullsh*t. I still have them though.

Well you got me here Chuck, a grad student blog. I doubt if Dr. Lindzen knows how to spell the word. (Probably too busy writing for refereed science publications or doing research on behalf of the National Academy of Sciences)

You're a good man however for having some of these titles on your shelves.

" "That what I don't know, I don't think I know." - Socrates

That's the point. If you want to compare CVs and publication the International Council on Climate Change trumps Dr. Lindzen hundreds of times over. As does the consensus of the majority of his colleagues.

You live by the appeal to authority, you die by the appeal to authority.

The "graduate student" (who knows more about climate science than both of us, let's not forget) said that what matters is the strength of the argument and not the authority of the arguer.

We do this all the time as collections librarians: the publisher and author don't matter. The quality of the work does.

No I don't care to compare CV's Chuck, or participate in a pissing contest of credentials. I'll accept your earlier "brilliant" characterization for Lindzen and leave your sum total end game comparisons for you.

The fact remains your he's (Lindzen) wrong statement contradicts your more truthful admission that this KU grad student knows more about global warming than either one of us. It would seem you would need to know something about global warming, preferably more than the person you are refuting, to make such a bold statement. The truth is neither one of us, nor anyone for that matter, truly knows the reality of/or reasons for global warming, evolutionarly biology, intelligent design, extraterrestrial life,.... Do we have opinions? Sure. But there is wisdom, and a professional obligation, of keeping these biases clear from our responsibilities to free thinkers. Because you agree with this please, help pass the word to our colleagues that preclude purchase based on personal biases.

My PL has 4 of the titles on your list, and 17 copies of the Gore title (10 DVD, 4 young readers, and 3 print). However, the best antidote may be "State of Fear," although it is fiction. UAPL has 16 print, 1 e-book, and 3 audio of that. I did find a number of other global warming (true believer) titles, some sounding the alarm in the 1980s. Maybe 60+ titles, although counting subject headings is really tough in that system. Also some older debunking GW titles.

Thanks for sharing Norma. Knowing what you've shared about your collection librarian(s), you may want to consider OhioLink if you want to read any of these titles.

Yes, I did check OhioLink, which is what I use for anything a bit on the conservative side, but did want to see how the PL fared on this challenge.