Cites & Insights 7:5 available

Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large 7:5 (May 2007) is now available for downloading.

The 26-page issue is PDF as usual, but you can get HTML separates of most essays from the home page.

NOTE: If you have any websites with links to the old C&I site, please change them. That site will disappear fairly soon.

This issue includes:

  • Bibs & Blather - On being cited, introducing a new section, and a belated followup from Richard Entlich (with apology)
  • Old Media/New Media - Updates on the health of four old media
  • Offtopic Perspective: 50-Movie Classic Musicals, Part 1 - no West Side Story, but Reet, Petite and Gone is hot stuff.
  • Interesting & Peculiar Products - four segments plus 15 roundups in seven categories in the new "Editors Choices and Best Buys" segment (replacing "PC Progress")
  • Making it Work - A new section, continuing the conversations about libraries, social software in libraries, balance... (and incorporating The Library Stuff)
  • Net Media: The High-Def Disc Saga Continues - still not time for most libraries to start buying Blu-ray or HD DVD, but lots of news.
  • My Back Pages - six grumpy little essays.

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Even more completely off-topic - since you seem to know your way around old musicals.

Just to be challenging it is French, not sure if it was black & white or colour. Gypsy girl makes up story when conning soldiers (Napoleon/French Civil War setting?) fotrunetelling about how she will end up a princess and the soldiers married. Title was something like Cosi Tan tutti - which of course is similar to the the Mozart opera and not speaking French I can't get past all the opera hits.

Any ideas on what the actual title is so I can find it?

For some reason, I'm not getting email notifications when there are comments here. In any case, you probably need to consult an actual reference librarian... I'm not an opera buff.