Strange world and my little slice of it.

Some women who lives nearby was found with 117 cats in her house. She was a kindhearted person who got in over her head. (She was hospitalized under Florida's involuntary mental health committment law, the Baker Act.) I'm all for helping stray animals, but I thought 2 cats was a lot to deal with, 117 really is nuts if you ask me.

A friend of mine was killed recently when he was hit by a car in Gainesville. He was an officer with the police deparment working a detail after the party they had after winning the NCAA game earlier in the week. His son is a USF student. We were not best buddies, but I knew him from when I was a cop. He was hit by a drunk 21 year old party goer. Basketball and drink driving. National pastimes.

Another drunk driving death was Robert Clark, the director of the movie "A Christmas Story" my father loved that movie. I've watched it every year since he died and I think I laugh harder each year. I remember trying to find a leg lamp online to give my dad... never found one.

More on the continuing saga of Baxter the cat and the tainted cat food. I am assembling all of Baxter's medical records (yes I am that uptight that I keep the cat's medical records @ home - really.) So I had to get results of her cat scan. If you are interested you can see it here. (If you get a forbidden error just reload. I have no idea why it is doing that.)
So hug your loved ones, heck hug those who don't like you it keeps them confused. Whomever said there are five senses forgot to include humor.


Sorry for all the crap raining down on you.. So here's a hug from me. Don't be confused. I'm a friend.:)

As far as keeping the cat's medical records... We have all of our pets records as well. Well, the dogs at least. The two snakes we regularly took to the vet we had to have euthanized, and every one else seems reasonably okay.

It's my husband's doing that the pups' medical records are all organized (in their own file no less!) Believe me, I'm responsible for my own medical records and they're strewn throughout the house. Funny that the librarian in the pair is the non-anal rententive one.

I had a flashback of Baxter last week, as I found my dog on the floor, unable to walk after having his teeth cleaned the day before. Evidently the anesthesia caused a mild stroke. He's doing much better. But all I could think was, "Nutro lied about there being no wheat gluten in his food!"

Anyway, my thoughts are with you, and your friend's family in their time of loss...

I've been able to find the lamps and all sorts of lamp related things on ebay. Just type in Christmas Story and lamp in the search box. And Hallmark usually has something in their Christmas section featuring scenes from the movie each year. Just buy early in the season because those sell out quickly and are marked up in resale on the aforementioned ebay. Good luck!

I needed it four years ago (if not more) where dad is now he does not need any lamps:)

I wonder why I never looked on eBay then though it makes complete sense now that you mention it. I get all sorts of strange stuff like trouser presses (not the magazine) and towel warmers there. Leg lamps are a given for eBay. I may just get one for myself.

Have you run across any sources for safer food? I was using IAMS for the dogs and Meoux Mix for the cats. Now I'm using chicken and rice but if you have ideas, please share and I am really sorry for Baxter...I don't think my earlier message took.
Last year a stray I'd taken in was mauled by something and I spent 3 days at the emergency vet and he still died...not food related...same kitty we'd evacuated during hurricane. Little lights in our lives.

Margaret the surviving cat eats Publix dry food and loves it. Publix assures me that their store brand dry cat food is OK. I called the HQ in Lakeland to be certain.

However just to be safe before I was assured Publix was OK, I bought a bag of PetGuard dry food at Natures Food Patch, the organic foods store in Clearwater. It was $9 for a 4ish pound bag, but I checked their website, as well as the ingredients on the label and there seem to be no fillers or adulterants such as the wheat gluten in the affected food.

Thanks for you kind words about Baxter. They did come through before, but thanks again. I stopped by another shelter today, the Suncoast Animal League and gave them a small donation, what I would have spent on food & litter for Baxter in the past few weeks, I also got to pet some very nice kitties. Almost as much fun as petting the goats at Lowry Park Zoo!