Shutdown why?

A little Friday grump here rather than on my main blog...

I've been seeing various posts (and a really pointless video) about Shutdown Day, which is tomorrow.

I use my PC at home for about an hour a day most days. Sometimes less. More on some weekend days. Some days not at all. When I travel--on business or pleasure--I do so without PC, notebook, PDA, smart phone...

Can I do without the PC for a full Saturday? Sure. Since I've just published a book and an issue of C&I, it would be easy.

Will I? Probably not. I don't see any plausible motive to leave the PC off all day. There's nothing on the "movement's" webpage that suggests any social good to doing without computers for a day. Other things take precedence over PC tasks on weekends anyway. Always have unless I'm actually on deadline (which I try to avoid at home).

Here's an idea: Do without electric lights for 24 hours. I've done that, the day of the '89 earthquake if no other. Or let's make it easy: Do without power tools for 24 hours. Do without, oh, I don't know, adjectives for 24 hours. (That might be tough.)

I do see the point behind the annual TV "boycott" move--but, even though we don't watch much TV, I've never participated. PCs? They can be time-wasters, but that's not inherent. Heck, reading mediocre books could be considered time-wasting, and I haven't heard about any "Don't read mediocrity for 24 hours" movements.

PCs are tools (or toolkits). I don't see a "put away your screwdrivers for 24 hours" movement. So I don't see much point in this one either. You can count me out.


I hadn't heard about this until I read your post. I am at work today and obviously I am on the computer. I need it to check my emails that came in while I was off yesterday. I will probably use it while I'm on the reference desk, although if it is not a request for a specific title I would be able to use our paper subject guides. But what if we don't have anything on our shelves? I would use the computer to see if another library close by has the material available.
And lets not even get into what happens when the public computers are turned off.

Sorry for my mini-rant, enjoy using your computer today.

I would, but I don't have any other source of free porn.