Changed my mind

I am suing about the cat food. They pissed me off today when I called and asked questions.

I was willing to give them medical records, other cans of cat food, and lab samples. They didn't give me anything but a hard time.

If they don't want to tell me I'll drop a nice subopena duces tecum for the records of all their tests. They have plants in the US and I bought the food at a local grocery store. There certainly is nexus through minimum contacts.

People should really learn not to piss off librarians, they should especially learn not to piss off librarians when it involves their cats.


For all with beloved creatures in our care--thank you.

May he rest in peace, so sorry for your loss.

I'm not sure who "they" are, but "they" might be untrained staff overwhelmed by phone calls. Just a thought.

Meanwhile, here in Columbus we've got a crazy lady who has drowned more than 650 dogs and cats rather than see them suffer, so she says, or go to a shelter, apparently telling people she would find homes for their pets. She has killed far more animals than a natural toxin that got into a food supply.

not sure if you were planning to sue on your own but I read yesterday that there were about 90 pet owners that had already formed a class action lawsuit. Maybe join that? Just a thought. I say go for it.

No offense to the previous poster. I realize staff might be overwhelmed and it must be difficult to field phone call after phone call from people with questions that cannot be answered *but* staff should still be bending over backwards to help pet owners who were calling and that did not seem to be what was happening here.

Good luck. M