Recalled cat food

This is not at all library related, except perhaps that almost all the librarians I know have cats.

I have one can of Iams sliced chicken in gravy cat food that has been recalled. I should say that I have one can left, Baxter ate the other several dozen I bought on my last trip to the grocery store. I had to have my cat euthenized last Sunday due to acute renal failure.

Unfortunately I had Baxter cremated so any lab work is now out of the question. However they did do labs last week so perhaps they saved the sample, I know we do for people.

I'm not going to sue the pet food company, but I bet they would like to be able to test that blood themselves. (the BUN and CREAT were off the scale and the K+ was 1.5... a value imcompatible with life as far as I can tell, if it were a person it would be dead four times.)

Well I'm not feeding the stuff to Margaret (not my mom Margaret, my cat Margaret, mom can eat it if she wants.)

I did take some of Baxter's beds (spoiled cat have six of them) and other things that Margaret will not use to the Humane Society today and I played with all the adoptable animals. I like animals more than most people.

Library cats

Whoops, forgot the pet food company link (dog and cat food) MenuFoods


Just had heart failure, myself, since my dogs eat Nutro and it is supposed to be one of the recalled products, although all I'm seeing on the recall list appears to be wet food, and they eat the kibble.

My condolences on Baxter.

Yes it is just the wet food.

Thanks for the condolances.

I am sorry. I have some of the dry and the wet unopened.
I had a cat die last year and now am wondering. I felt terrible for a long time. I know you will, too. Thank you for helping us all on this.

We had a cat die of renal failure. Not fun. I'm so sorry. I've excerpted your piece and the link you provided at my blog--and called my kids. Our little Abbie (grandpuppy) has already had a near death brush with Diamond dogfood damaging her liver. Our son's lab will eat wallboard and carpet, but this sounds a bit more risky.

Thanks to everyone who expressed their condolences. I certainly appreciate it. Go pet your library cats for me.

Sorry about your kitty.

Thanks Mo. Hope all is well with you.