Recalled cat food

Submitted by mdoneil on Sun, 03/18/2007 - 00:20

This is not at all library related, except perhaps that almost all the librarians I know have cats.

I have one can of Iams sliced chicken in gravy cat food that has been recalled. I should say that I have one can left, Baxter ate the other several dozen I bought on my last trip to the grocery store. I had to have my cat euthenized last Sunday due to acute renal failure.

Unfortunately I had Baxter cremated so any lab work is now out of the question. However they did do labs last week so perhaps they saved the sample, I know we do for people.
I'm not going to sue the pet food company, but I bet they would like to be able to test that blood themselves. (the BUN and CREAT were off the scale and the K+ was 1.5... a value imcompatible with life as far as I can tell, if it were a person it would be dead four times.)
Well I'm not feeding the stuff to Margaret (not my mom Margaret, my cat Margaret, mom can eat it if she wants.)

I did take some of Baxter's beds (spoiled cat have six of them) and other things that Margaret will not use to the Humane Society today and I played with all the adoptable animals. I like animals more than most people.
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