change; or, staying the same

I've been working on a research project that requires me to try to find contact information for a librarian associated with a specific program at some randomly selected institutions that offer said program. This involved a lot of looking at library websites. I remember I had a similar research project when I worked for Project Vote Smart in 1999. Library websites and online directories have vastly improved in the 8 years since then, but there are still a few out there that I can't find any information on, and there's even a handful of libraries that still have no email or chat contacts on their websites, only phone numbers. There are even a couple of libraries that don't have websites that I can find (gasp!).

This ties in with another research project I'm working on regarding the development of outreach to remote library users (although that project is starting to grow way beyond its constraints into a monster time-suck!). Most libraries since the mid 90s have dramatically developed an online presence involving virtual reference and other services so users don't have to set foot in the library to find the information they need. But some have not. I wonder why. This is probably why the second research project keeps expanding!

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