Linux On My Desktop

One of the LISHostees was having trouble with Evolution, a Linux email reader, so I thought it a good idea to actually check it out myself. It ended up my Fedora Core install was way too old to do much of anything to, so I thought it was a good time to give something else a try.

I finally got OpenSuse running, and it ain't bad. I shouldn't say "finally" because it really wasn't all that bad. It took me longer to get the CD/DVD/ISO burning to work on my XP laptop than it did to actually install Suse. For some reason I could only get CDs to burn properly, so I eventually just gave up and burned the network install CD and used that instead of trying to burn 4 or 5 CDs. I just couldn't get the iso to burn to a DVD on my laptop. Once I got the one CD burned I needed, the install took no time at all, no more than XP took when I did that on the box downstairs a couple weeks ago (we're a 5 computer family).

So, here I am, using Linux on my desktop. I spend a good 80% of my time on my Linux server, so it probably makes sense that I see if I can do it on the desktop.

I'll be just like Shoe in no time!


Ah, Blake, welcome to Antarctica, where the penguins are cool and the processors are hot...

SuSE is a nice distro, and functional. Things just work in SuSE that might not normally work out of the box in other distros (I actually can say the same thing about what I'm currently using:>)

Linux on the desktop is not such a stretch anymore. I've been using it exclusively for about, er, nine months now, I think. I dual booted for years before that, and then just tossed the Microsoft installation.

Strangely enough, Mr. Shoe sometimes gives me files to work with, because they're easier to manipulate in Linux than they are in XP. Boy, and I don't let him forget it.:)