Ya gotta love this shit

Jeff Gannon, a "faggot" hooker gets into the press corps to propagandize for the administration and gets found out; a couple or few ultra-self-righteous pastors get caught in peccadilloes with "faggots"; now the Conservative Political Action Conference -- the one at which Ann Coulter called Edwards a faggot -- honored a "faggot" porn star and "escort". Not only that, but Anne "the anti-faggot" Coulter exploited a photo-op with this poster child for a demographic that causes the Republican Party to shit its collective pants in apoplectic fits.

Read all about it. Truth is really so much stranger than fiction. If I had come up with this for a book nobody would ever believe it could at all be plausible.


Wow...amazing...I think Coulter better get nervous about librarian with a mind (YOU Fangy)that instantly perceives this absurb, truly operatic
B.S. and synergizes all the separate, putrid floating shards of it, then directs an all revealing spotlight of funny, devestating commentary at it!

They can run but they can't hide from Fang Face!