Ya gotta love this shit

Submitted by Fang-Face on Thu, 03/08/2007 - 00:22

Jeff Gannon, a "faggot" hooker gets into the press corps to propagandize for the administration and gets found out; a couple or few ultra-self-righteous pastors get caught in peccadilloes with "faggots"; now the Conservative Political Action Conference -- the one at which Ann Coulter called Edwards a faggot -- honored a "faggot" porn star and "escort". Not only that, but Anne "the anti-faggot" Coulter exploited a photo-op with this poster child for a demographic that causes the Republican Party to shit its collective pants in apoplectic fits.

Read all about it. Truth is really so much stranger than fiction. If I had come up with this for a book nobody would ever believe it could at all be plausible.