In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb

Michael Pate emailed me over the weekend to brag about the 91 degree temperatures he was enjoying down in Florida. The Forecast for the rest of the week here in Western New York looks to be almost as good, though not quite as warm. It's supposed to be almost 90 degrees colder tonite than it was in Florida on Friday. Miami is currently under a Red Flag Warning, something that's new to me, for obvious reasons. Not much fire danger when it's only 4 degrees outside at night. Damn gas bill is going to be a million dollars again. The Forecast up in Juneau looks quite nice compared to here this week!

In like a lion, ideed.


The Forecast up in Juneau looks quite nice compared to here this week!

I am writing this from home because I got a snow day. It's hard for people outside of Alaska to understand, but when state workers here are given the day off, it's bad.

I've worked when the school district has closed. And when the city has closed. And when the feds have closed their offices. When everyone was closed, you could count on State of Alaska employees trudging across the frozen wastes to work.

But last night we had a foot of snow and expect another foot of snow today. This is on top of the blizzard we had the night of the first that blew snow into my house through a closed door. So we're home today and if you live in Juneau, you should be too!

Yes Blake, a lion lives in Juneau.:-)

We are considerably warmer than you are, so I guess that's something!