Chief Chopped

The University of Illinois has lost its mascot, Chief Illiniwek.(terrific LIS program btw) Any thoughts from students, alums, library types keeping vigilance with First Amendment issues?


First emendment requires state action. My understanding is that the NCAA is the actor in this case.

Well not necessarily. First Amendment requires state action or action of an 'agent of the state'. If I recall this was something to do with the ABA and legal advertising. I'll dig up the citation if I can.

However the question is is NCAA acting in the capacity of governmental regulation and does it specifically replace government regulation that would be there save its existence.

I vaguely remember something like that for Quangos. Is NCAA a quango? The Red Cross is one that comes to mind. They provide emergency communication for our troops and are the only agency authorized to verify things like a death in the family for emergency leave yet they are not a governmental body. (I got my law degree in Ireland so I am no 1st amendment scholar).

Perhaps I could have couched my question using "censorship" rather than First Amendment. That said, this decision was made by the state, that being the University of Illinois. NCAA sanctions could have been ignored. U of I opted to acquiesce to capture big bucks associated with hosting athletic events, which says something about their principles and the First Amendment.

The issue with Illiniwek had many arguments (including censorship).

The NCAA's concern was whether schools who used Native American symbols/imagery were in violation of two secions of the NCAA constitution.

My concern is that such stereotypical imagery is harmful to creating an atmosphere of respect for all races at an educational institution. I have yet to come across a peer-reviewed article that states any positive outcomes from using such logos.

Yes, who would want the imagery of strong, handsome, authentic, powerful, brave and winning?

Yes, my B.A. and MLS is U of I.