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The importance of 'freading'

Our position: A national group's approach to banned Cuban books is laudable.

February 20, 2007

There are prudent ways to react to controversy, and there is reactionary

Six months after the Miami-Dade School Board led the political charge to
ban the book, Vamos a Cuba, a national group took the right approach to
shed light on the right of literary expression: encouraging students
throughout the U.S. to read books that have been burned in Cuba.

A group of librarians, authors and human-rights activists launched the
project after controversy regarding a children's book called Vamos a Cuba.

The national organization, called FREADOM, is bringing attention to
documents and books that include a biography of Martin Luther King Jr. and
George Orwell's Animal Farm.


You can't keep burning ideas, hoping they go up in smoke. Just like the
credibility of the Miami-Dade School Board.

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See the site for more information on the International Read a Burned Book campaign.