Entire ALA Leadership JAILED


That's EXACTLY what would happen here if our so-called "fascist" government were to treat the ALA free-speechers the same way dissent is treated in Cuba. Here, from the very latest Amnesty International report, release today. Most of the ALA Council members committ these crimes on a weekly basis.


"Political dissidents and critics are often sentenced for a crime known as “social dangerousness�. This is a pre-emptive measure that is defined as the “proclivity to commit a crime� and targets any behaviour contrary to the “socialist morale� like “drunkenness�, “drug addiction� and “anti-social behaviour� but it is applied to political dissidents, independent journalists and critics. People tried for “dangerousness� are sentenced for up to 4 years of prison while the law provides for “therapeutic treatment�, “re-education� or “surveillance by the Revolutionary National Police.�

Orlando Zapata Tamayo, a bricklayer and plumber, was arrested on 20 March 2003 whilst taking part in a hunger strike at the Fundación Jesús Yánez Pelletier in Havana to demand the release of Oscar Biscet and other political prisoners.

He was sentenced to three years' imprisonment in 2003 on charges of showing “contempt to the figure of Fidel Castro�, “public disorder� and resistance�. In November 2005 he was sentenced to an additional 15 years for “contempt� and “resistance� in prison. In May 2006, he was again tried on the same charges and sentenced to an additional seven-year term. He is now serving a prison sentence of 25 years and six months.