Patron Non Grata

J.A. Avner had it right nearly twenty years ago when he wrote, Home schoolers: A forgotten clientele in School Library Journal. They still are.


Hi Tomeboy, nice to see your around these parts.

I was all set to give you a "Well maybe ALA doesn't do much, but there are a lot of articles..." spiel.

But conducting a search on EBSCO ( e&db=tfh&bquery=DE+%22HOME+schooling%22&cli0=SO&cl v0=library&type=1&>">requires subscription) in their "Professional Development Collection" and requiring "Library" in the journal title only gave me 20 hits. Even though there was an article in School Library Journal from October 2005, I can't say a lot (or even much) of ink has been devoted to the issue.

And that's really too bad. Aside from being a large potential market for library services and especially statewide database>; it's a perfect area to highlight lifelong learning.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thinking the science fair reference collection might be a bit more appealing and useful to both brick and mortar kids as well as homeschoolers, I stopped at the reference desk and mentioned that a number of the titles were 25-30 years old, and some 50. I got a puzzled look from the reference librarian and she suggested I go upstairs and talk to the children's librarian because that's the department who decides what goes on that shelf. Sigh. The old public employee "it's not my job" mind set.

Of course not. Only the body language of a hypocrite.

Speaking of humor, where's your rabbit with the flapjack visor, nyuk nyuk?

Does backing away slowly and making circling motions around my ear with my finger count as laughing?

Maybe we can look for it [humor] together Chuck? It's your britches that seem a bit bunched now with my little funny. Carry on. Any good ones to share about swarthy immigrant types, gays or black clad goth goons? How about those African Americans that want to "Axe" a question? Ever laugh to yourself when you get one of those?

I'm laughing now. Are you?

If I promise to pay for all of it, will you let me send out a search party for your sense of humor? We'll start where you last saw it, though it might be hard to get to 1964.

Well it's nice to see the chaste, Evangelical prodigy types making for a good chuckle at some reference desks. I would agree there's little humor with your run-of-the-mill pregnant teen, pecking LOL's, BRB,'s and WTF's doing research in MySpace.

I know. My favorite are the parents who are thrilled that their 14 year old is starting at Caltech in the fall. Nothing else wrong with that? Hmm? Not going to end badly in a few other departments? No? Man does live on bread alone? OK.

Can't we leave these kids to pursue life-long virginity and spelling bees in peace?

Those homeschooler parents always creeped me out. Especially the 'Christian Homeschoolers" whose parents thought Harry Potter was Satan.

There's a blog by Adrienne Furness called, Homeschooling and>. In the "about" section, she writes, "This blog focuses on things I'm thinking about and learning while working with homeschoolers and writing Helping Homeschoolers in the Library for ALA Editions." She had a post last week about library orientations for homeschoolers.

Frankly I expected to find more before looking into this too. What a missed opportunity.

I'm glad and grateful for the comments Daniel. Always nice to hear from one of LISNews' classiest. serve them anyway. Hypocrisy is too mild a term for much of the anti-Christian animus found at Blake's Place.

Actually, a couple of smaller, independent public libraries have made efforts to serve our homeschooling family of readers. One year we totaled up our book borrowing for the previous twelve months (Christians, unlike hippy librarians, try to keep well-ordered lives) and discovered we were over one percent of the total book loans. In a community library which had 9,000+ card holding borrowers.