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Excuse please, stepping on these comments, but since I can't get to your blog and don't want to register at Flickr, I just want to say a word about your Juneau library slides. Fabulous. The stacks and meeting rooms look just like our PL, HOWEVER, I love the way the lounge chairs look out--that would never happen in Ohio, but you've got fabulous views (I use "You" somewhat collectively, since I don't think this is where you work). Great job.

I appreciate positive photo comments anywhere. So thanks! The spectacular views from the library are a little less so in summer because giant cruise ships pull up and all you can see from the library windows are portholes. A sort of surreal experience. Also, not unreasonable, the balcony where the lounges are is locked during the winter.Thanks again for mentioning. I still need to make it out to the University and Valley Public Library before I'll have a full set of Juneau's libraries on Flickr.