Hello, OIF Blog..Anyone Home????

For more than two days the folks who run the new OIF blog have censored the very first comment that was posted there. Why is that? Why are the folks there afraid of a simple question, which I post below? Is this going to be the way they start off such a good venture -- by refusing to post the first comment to a blog that is dedicated to dissent, questioning, and freedom of speech?

Here is the question they seem to wish readers not read:

When is the leadership of the OIF going to break the censorship of book burning information from Cuba, and make an official response, which was PROMISED over a year ago, to librarians and human rights activists who have asked again and again for a response to the documentation, which was provided to Don Wood at his request?

See http://www.4freadom.org/BBookDoc.html
for the documentation.

Why does the book burning page still have no reference to one of the worst cases of State-sponsored book burning in the last decade?"

I just emailed the staff at the OIF to ask what their policy is going to be; an answer would be nice.

Dear OIF Staff,

I posted what may have been the first comment to your new blog. The
purpose of the blog would seem to indicate that your office welcomes posts
and questions -- yet my post has NOT been "moderated" in over two days,
while other comments are now appearing.

Is it going to be the policy of your new blog to post comments that are
relevant to intellectual freedom issues, especially as they relate
specifically and fundamentally to ALA principles as related to book
burning, or is it going to be your policy to flush such comments down the
memory hole?

The best response would be to simply post the comment and answer the
question -- a question which I am my colleagues have waited over one year

Walter Skold
co-chair, FREADOM