War Couching?

You've heard of War Driving? Seems I'm doing it from my couch.

I'm downstairs working on the laptop and I just tried hitting the server status page on LISHost. I got a "denied" error, which surprised me because my IP hasn't changed in years here at home, when suddenly I realized I was logged in upstairs via a different IP. It turns out the laptop had picked up a neighbors wireless network and I was using it without even knowing it.

Something must've happened to my wireless router, or maybe the new laptop doesn't have a very good antennae because the signal for my network is much weaker than the other.


I was working from home and our power went out. Now I have 3 UPS and all my network components are attached to it, but my cable company lost connectivity too so no cable TV (I was working from home, but not so hard as not to have Rachel Ray on) nor cable modem as it must have been a pole down or something similar.

However my work laptop didn't miss a beat. It asked me to authenticate to VPN again and went right on working. Thank goodness for neighbors with open access.

I've been thinking of joining the FONfon.com> project and now seems like as good a time as any. I'm off to order that free router.

What was really cool were my lightsfifthunit.com> from FifthUnit.com that plug into the phone jack when you lose power. Yes, finally free electricity care of the telco. You can't land planes by the things but I could read the phone book at 5PMish on an overcast winter evening. Fifth unit rocks.