Solidarity With Cuba

A web site created in cooperation with the Lech Walesa Institute. The link will take you to the English version. In their own words:

The socio-political project of the socialistic Cuba of Fidel Castro has been so much out of reality that it can be interesting only from a historical point of view.

The democratic movement is emerging, new civil initiatives for democracy are coming out, the generation born after 1959 is presenting its own ideas and proposals to arrange the state that are radically different than the ones supported by the official media. The dissidents and oppositionists as well as the young, in a bloodless and non-violent way, hollow the new spaces in the rotting system of Cuban dictatorship. There are more and more groups appearing in Cuba that are not related to the ruling elite. They might be considered as a germ of a new political scene resembling, in their main ideological and political divisions, the Western European democracies.

The portal Solidarity with Cuba is dedicated to the civil society from the Island - to the society that is growing with hope for the better future despite the atmosphere of constant threat and the regime's reprisals.

We created this site as a media room for Cuban defenders of civic liberties and human rights so that they could be heard by Poles, and in return, so that Poles could take up the dialogue in solidarity with Cubans. One can read here about the social, political and economic situation in Cuba. Any visitor is also welcome to express its support for the peaceful activity of dissidents and oppositionists in the island.