So Now What Would You Do?

Should I stay or should I go now? I emailed the COO of the company that screwed me last week, and got this response. So if you were me, would you stay? Context for this point is below in my other post.

Although it might not make much of a difference, I wanted to explain what happened last week to you.

As a hosting company you must realize we receive many fraud cases a day. Even still, the percentage of fraud cases that go undetected are even greater. We've seen everything. From people purchasing hosting and just using it, only for us to find out there has been charge backs a month later, and also the clients who are ever so bold as to actually fraud us, but at the same time interact with our staff as an actual client.

The confusion started when we noted a long trail of fraud cases around the time of your signup. I am not saying in the least that the mistake should have happened. However please understand that given the shear number of clients we have, there are sometimes mistakes that are made. I am deeply sorry for this, and would not like to lose you as a client. If I can only make one request, it is that regardless of this mistake, you'd give Us another change. We all make mistakes, and as you've mentioned as you have made them we have been there to help you, I ask only that you give us the same consideration and try to sustain a relationship with our company.

I don't often get the time to write long messages with explanations as to what went wrong, however from the start I've worked with you and would indeed like to keep you as a client. The decision is up to you of course, but I wanted to make it known that even with our mistake made, you have been a loyal and understanding client. I appreciate that.

Thank you Blake for coming to me about this. If you do decide to stay with us you are welcome to receive the full 1 month credit on your vps as but a small token of our most sincere apologies.

Have a good day my friend.


It's a big mistake. But he's trying to make it right. It's a little mercenary of me, but I'd take the free month, and see what it's like/how they do. I honestly would believe him about the fraud. I would hope they'd be a little quicker to explain the situation next time around, but yeah...

I'd give em the chance, I think.

...even though he spelled "shear" wrong.

the typos and weird langage are a little nutty, but I'd take the free month and give them another month. If you decide to drop them after that for some good reason, so be it.

Okay, so they guy's customer service weiners are totally pathetic. At least he is doing the right thing in response to the issue. All right, then, I'll say cut him some slack, although I do have to wonder about the abysmal literacy skills. Jumping either way would not be a wrong choice, though.

His multiple misspellings lead me to guess that this guy's in over his head on the hosting issue. I'd give him one chance but not two.