LIS dot damnit

I must be getting old because I'm starting to confuse things that should be obvious. I've been working on setting up a new mail server for LISHost (.org) for a few weeks now, and from time to time things need a domain name. I keep getting it wrong. The new LISHost (.org) email server is named For 7 years I've run LISNews (first .com and now .org), and LISFeeds (.com). So as you can see, I own a bunch of domains that start with LIS. For 7 years I've been typing lisnews (.something), and for 4 years I've been typing Anytime I type the 3 letters L-I-S my brain is hardcoded to then type N-E-W-S. I can usually get out H-O-S-T without much thought. So now I'm trying like mad to get the N-E-T added in there and it's really driving me nuts. To make matters worse, as soon as the .net server is finished, I'll be adding a third server to LISHost, probably .com. I'll never get that one right, ever.


LISOverload, huh? Happy Thanksgiving.