Popping in to say hi

I haven't posted here for a long time. Not that I haven't been coming here. LISNews is of course a regular stop every day.

Still doing the part time thing at the Historical Society. I am alloted up to 16 hours a month, which I usually can't even achieve... Damn my health. Well, I guess technically I don't need to damn it, because obviously someone else out there already has.

If anything, though, I am a master of reinvention, and between being at the Hysterical Society, LinuxLibrarian, helping the library where I can, and my custom table top war game terrain side gig I am keeping busy, but still have the ability to go pass out in bed if I need to.

They have no idea what's wrong. Turns out, some doctors kind of swept some weird MRI findings under the rug, saying it was artifacts on the film. There is the definite possibility it is/was, but seeing as I have erratic white blood cell counts, funny looking marrow should be taken seriously. I %&*#$* hate neurologists. So I have to bring that up with my (new, very sweet) GP.

They're still working under the assumption it's something rheumatological. Rheumatoid arthritis, maybe, in its infancy... They have a working dx of fibromyalgia, but my rheumatologist said that's only because she doesn't know what else fits.

Never thought I'd say this: But I'm enjoying cataloging. Shhh.


I'm sorry you can't find a straightforward diagnosis, but glad to see you relatively cheerful and keeping busy as best you can.

Take care!

I hope your health gets better, but I'm glad that you're still able to do so much. Take care!