Politics Thursday: Predictions?

I only have a few predictions for next Tuesday:

Lieberman will win, and then declare he's a Republican.
The Republicans will lose a few seats, but maintain control.
Tom Reynolds (my district) will keep his seat.
Most obviously, Spitzer will be the new NY governor, and Clinton will keep her sear.

That's about it, not really anything original or incredibly insightful. I have complete confidence in the Republican's ability to get the votes they need. But I really, really hope I'm wrong. I don't think the Democrats will be able to get the votes they need nationally to make much of a gain, no matter what the polls say. I haven't heard any single thing that sticks out this time that has really influenced my predictions, it's more of a general feeling this time. I knew the Democrats were in trouble 2 years ago when I heard Bill Clinton say "When people think we win." The first thing I said was "People don't think, Kerry is going to lose."

But enough about me, I'm looking for your predictions! Both locally and nationally, what do you expect to see? Are all the reports on polls saying Democrats are going to gain a majority in Congress right? Is Karl Rove correct when he says they'll hang on? How 'bout in your district, anything exciting going on? Most importantly, why?


Katherine Harris will lose in her run for Senate.
Mark Foley will lose in his run for Congres...even tho he has dropped out of the race he is still on the ballot.

I'm a Republican so I don't think?

I don't think Lieberman will become a Republican. The only way I can see him doing that is if the Dems win enough seats so that it would take him switching for Republicans to stay in control. Considering his independent run is entirely because of his stance on the war I can't see him letting the Dems take control. However if he switches then Chafee switches to Democrat if he wins in RI but only if it gives Dems control.

Speaking of non-thinking voters, the only safe prediction I can make is that Ted Kennedy will retain his seat in the Senate and that has nothing to do with parties just the Kennedy name. McCook is right that Harris will lose in FL but the replacement for Foley has a shot.

I think Healey can pull out a win for governor here in Mass but just barely.

Dems win the House

Republicans retain the Senate by one or two seats

Lieberman wins and puts on the rhinestone "Republican" collar he's wanted since finishing 4th for President in Connecticut.

Bears by a touchdown and a field goal.

Rickson by armbar.

Republicans will lose in the governor's race. Blackwell is a capable, good man, following a failed Gov. (Rep.) Taft. My district, Pryce and Kilroy, are in a dead heat. I had to hold my nose to vote for DeWine, but the alternative was worse. Not sure he can pull it off. Republicans think he's been a wimp and probably not worth returning to Congress.

We do know, however, if the Democrats win, they will say all was fair and square, even for all the dead people who vote; if they lose, they will scream fraud, cheat, bad machines, ID disenfranchisement, etc. The only thing worse than the way they are trying to lose the war, is the bad example they are setting for countries with developing democracies. They must look at our elections and wonder who would want that?