Senate candidate wrote pervy books & kid sex acts

It seems odd to me that a man who wrote books about adults fellating children and other 'literature' with which I could do without is running for Senate.

I know there are plenty of perverts in this country, but < a href=""> these excerpts seem to only encourage them.


... wrote a book with lesbian sex in it.Does that mean she's a closet homosexual or that the Vice President just likes to watch?Yeah, Jim Webb wrote a book. It comes as no shock to me that the people who don't like reading them have beef with the people that write them.Webb has said that the details of his novels come from his experiences in Vietnam. He has also said that he had seen those specific things actually happen."That Jim Webb, he sure accurately describes horrible and brutal things in a novel about horrible and brutal things."The horror. The horror.Sleep tight, Mrs. Lovejoy.

Webb's books are on the Commandant of the Marine Corps' Professional Development reading list.Lynne Cheney's are on the $1 table outside a soon to be decomissioned Little Professor franchise.Advantage: Webb.

Lynne Cheney responds to Chuck's argument (via Drudge Report)

"Cheney also took on Virginia senate challenger Jim Webb.

JIM WEBB: There's nothing that's been in in of my novels that in my view, hasn't been either illuminating surroundings are defining a character or moving a plot. I'm a serious writer. I mean, we can go and read Lynne Cheney's lesbian love scenes if you want to get graphic on stuff.

CHENEY: Jim Webb is full of baloney. I have never written anything sexually explicit. His novels are full of, um, sexual explicit reference to sex. Sexually explicit references to, well, I don't want my grandchildren to turn on the television set. This morning Imus was reading from the novels. And it's triple X-rated."

Yep. Or at least as I see it the Republicans are not hypocritical SOBs. At least Foley was just mailing pervy things, Studds was screwing young boys.

There are other examples such as the philanderer in Chief, but to me as a voter character matters, to others it does not.

Luckily I don't have to choose which is the lesser of two evils as I don't live there.

Who keeps a Moose in their office?

It is only improper when Republicans do or say or write or IM perverted things, in fact, they only become perversions IF Republicans are doing them. It's in the political rule book.

He was also an active supporter of the Klan and Klan groups as Gov. of Virginia. He spoke at their events.As a lawyer he had a Confederate flag and a noose in his office.I'd like to repeat that as it sounds important.As a lawyer he had a Confederate flag in his office AND A NOOSE.I'm not sure if that makes him a lynching "buff", a lynching "fan" or a lynching "amateur historian."I know his opponent has a chest of medals from a war that Allen loved and didn't see fit to fight in, was Reagan's Secretary of the Navy and DIDN'T fetishize torture, murder and racism as if it were a funny Garfield cartoon to put on his desk.

No I'm well aware of the comments made about Senator Allen hence the animal head and third hand heresay remarks.

Oh please the man said nigger in college. I heard it on TV today from an African-American celebrity except it was pronounced with a zed as the final drawn out syllable.

As to the advice to google away please remember that everything on the Internet is not authoratative.

I ran for City Commission. I don't think my mom voted for me. Although I was 18 at the time.

You eeem unaware of George Allen. Google away and become informed about his views on race. Sue you? I'll have my attorney contact you. I'm not sure what I'll sue you for, but it'll be fun.

It's fine if you aren't running for election. I wouldn't vote for you anyway.

I don't like black people too.

I also don't like white people, a Chinese guy, the people from Laos that run a nail place and frequently park in my reserved spot.

I'm not real keen on a group of Venezuelans that purposefully scratched a rental car I drove there once.

Oh, I don't hate all blacks, whites, or any other shades, just select people who are real jerks.

I don't hate anyone because of what box the check on the Census form, I base my level of dislike on how people act not how they look.

Then again I don't have people who know people who talked to people who said that I stuffed the head of anything in anyone's postbox.

Sue me.

What is Mrs. Cheney running for?

I've seen lots of things I wish I hadn't seen, but I've never written books about them.

You'll notice I didn't express an opinion on Webb, I just said it was odd that he was running for office. If his books made him a good living I would think he would keep that up as "Senator" is not usually a draw for fiction authors (then again Senator seems to make their 'non-fiction' into fiction)

If I wrote dirty books and made a good living from it I think I would just keep writing dirty books. Then again I wouldn't really want to be a Senator.

it wasn't Bill O'Reilly writing the smut....THIS time.

Oh yeah, Webb's opponent? The incumbent Sen. George Allen?Hates black people.So, I guess they're almost the same thing.

Tell you what, you two lie there and we'll find a cell phone and call you a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhambulance.There's no moral equvalence here. You conveniently ignore the difference between several unrelated situations and then pout to the referee like a Boston Celtic in the fourth quarter."Boo hoo sniffle, no one cares about a dead, long retired Democrat who was censured by the House. They only want to read about the current Congressman who's a diddler and got a free pass because his bosses were too busy stealing our tax money to notice. Now people are failing to be horrified at an adult who wrote an upsetting novel about upsetting things that the Marine Corps thinks is an accurate depiction of war. Why, oh why, won't they stop worrying about George Allen's Jew-hating, Klan-loving, Stars-and-Bars-smooching noose-fetishism? Why?"Let's agree that character counts. Fine. Let's also agree that character counts one hell of a lot more for everyone who is running in THIS election.Yeah Clinton cheated on his wife and lied. Thanks for the flashback. The minute he gets back into a position to vote on an idiotic war of conquest or can cut money for body armor and psychological care for veterans, call me.So you can dig up Gerry Studds and spray paint "fag" on his casket if you want. See how many voters give a crap. I'm guessing it's more than 10 and less than 100. Good luck with that on the 7th.