Politics Thursday: Mid Terms

The mid-term elections are just days away now, and here's how things look in Western NY.

The House is the only interesting race in the area. My choices this time around for The House: The new guy, Jack Davis. He has some good ideas, and some bad. Strangely enough, his ideas read almost the same as my current guy, Tom Reynolds. But almost in this case, isn't really all that close. They both just happen to "believe in" the things that get people to vote for them.

Reynolds has 2 big strikes against him:
1. he's a Republican
2. as head of the NRCC, he's not just part of the problem of how politics work today, he is the problem.

I suppose some might say his support of pedophilia could be considered a 3rd strike as well. But I never would've thought he'd handle the Foley scandal any differently. Money talks, everything else walks.

But, to add to my dilemma... I have a family member (well, not exactly family, but it's too long of a story to explain) who works for his campaign, and even had one of my sister in lawa appear in one of his TV commercials.

So I'm left with literally trying to choose the lesser of 2 evils, or in this case, idiots. One guy wants to eliminate free trade (whether or not I think that's a good idea is irrelevant to my decision, it's so obvious this will never happen it makes me question the man's sanity), the other guy likes bribery so much he chairs the organization in charge of it. I don't think any of Davis' wacky ideas stand any chance of getting anywhere in Congress, so I'm not scared to vote for him over Reynolds. He'll be a freshman Democratic congressman from a insignificant district in Western New York, in other words he'll be harmless, no matter what he wants to do.

Over on The Senate side, our choice is between Clinton and some other guy who doesn't stand a chance. Same thing for NY State Governor, it's Eliot Spitzer, and, well, no one else that matters even a spec. Other state and local elections are pointless. We have the worst state legislature in the country, and local government is just pathetic. One bright spot has been Satish Mohan, the new Amherst Town Supervisor. He's not up for reelection now, but he'd get my vote for sure.

I'd be curious to read about your choices as well.


Neither of our Senators is up for reelection. After much thought in our House race, I decided to vote for Democrat Diane Benson over our Republican incumbent Don Young. For the record, I have voted for Young in every previous election because he's been good for Alaska. Also, in previous years the Democrats have mostly run unqualified sacrificial lambs.

But Rep. Young's vote for the Military Commissions Act without insisting on extensive hearings was the last straw for me. That and the fact that only the prospect of changing the House from Republican to Democrat offers ANY opportunity for meaningful oversight of the executive branch.

I say opportunity because the last time the Democrats were in the majority, they gave us the USA PATRIOT Act and even in opposition find themselves divided about holding the current Adminsistration accountable for its actions. I'm not looking for impeachment, but I am looking for investigations.

Don't even your choices and I'm glad that no one I know are in campaign commercials.