The headline from the Buffalo News on Friday was simply "CLOBBERED." More like we got our asses kicked. Pile a few feet of snow on trees with leaves and you get one helluva mess. Somewhere I read it described as Arbogeddon.

Western New York is still busy digging out from a few feet of snow that pretty much leveled every deciduous tree around. We were one of about 300,000 houses without power at home, and that's no fun with 2 infants. It took 5 days for us to get power, and there are still several people I k now who are powerless. We managed to find people with power for the past 3 of the 5 nights, but spent Thursday and Friday powerless. The phones went down, and we were even without water for a bit. I took some pictures of what it looks like I'll upload sometime later this week once I've caught up with everything else. Every store within a couple hundred miles ran out of batteries, water, chain saws, flashlights and generators. We actually bought a generator off the back of a truck in a boarded up Arby's parking lot. Overall it could've been far worse. It wasn't that cold, no trees fell on the house, the basement didn't flood, and no one got hurt.

One interesting thing I learned is that most intersections function better as 4 way stops than when they have a functioning stop light. Even during times when I would've assumed long lines of traffic the lines were actually shorter than what I normally see when the lights were functioning,especially out in suburban sprawl land.

I've been forced to use a few computers that weren't mine this past week and I always feel like I'm getting my hands dirty when I use other computers, especially if it's been used by kids. I can just see them sitting there clicking "OK" to any damn thing that pops up on the screen and infecting it with all manner of scumware. I feel like it's one big security compromise, one big germy mess. I've since changed all the passwords I used elsewhere, just in case.

So, we're back to *almost* normal now. I have ALLOTA trees to cut and yard clean up to do, and we need to return everything to normal down in the basement, but all things considered there's not much work to do. Carrie heads back to work Monday, maternity leave is ending. No one is happy about that. I haven't had time to post to LISNews in ages, everyone should thank Birdie for doing so much work recently, LISNews has become very much her show because no one else seems to have any time either. Maybe it's time to send out another call for authors?


One of the many reasons I'm in Massachusetts instead of my place of birth in Northern Maine. I like snow, but all things in moderation. Good luck!