The Travel Gods Are Not With Me

Last week's trip home was bad, though I did end up spending a few hours in Washington DC, which is never a bad thing. This week, it's worse. I'm still stuck in LaGuardia, it's been 5 hours since I left White Plains. I actually paid the $8 so I could see what's going on in the WWW. That plane that crashed in Manhattan made a bad situation worse here, and I'm hoping to be home by 11pm at this point. I really hate it in LaGuardia now, I think from now on I'll fly JetBlue out of JFK... but I'm so damn close to having a free ticket on US Air thanks to the frequent flier miles.... maybe I'll try going right to White Plains from now on.

Blah. In any case, I shouldn't need to travel anytime soon, which is a good thing, it long ago lost any bit of excitement it once had.

I didn't get to see anyone I had hoped to see, Birdie had offered a home cooked meal that I couldn't make it to, and I was supposed to have dinner with Steven M. Cohen, that didn't work out. I almost managed to make it to see Stephen Francouer, but not quite. Well, atleast I learned a thing or two for work, which was the point of this painful trip.


It was not a good day for us in NYC.

if you're in the Jet Blue terminal in JFK, the wifi is free, good to know for next time...