Any More New LISNews Topics?

Birdie had a few ideas for some new story topics, so I thought I'd check to see if anyone else has some bright ideas.

Do we need some new topics to add to our stories?


Sure we do. Some of the current topics need to be killed off as well -- I think some were trendy ALA things a while back, but now?

I agree about the old topics, but if I do that then the old stories go away as well. Plus, it's a nice historical record of where we've been. Keeping track of trends and all that.

A section for LISNews fanfic?

We have needed a forum for things such as my latest work:
Curmudgeony's Biblio Squad 4: Dark Lady Birdie: A Blake Carver Adventure

Blake and Rochelle dismounted their hoverbikes and entered the megasector. It has been far too long since order and justice has been in a run-down place like this; but that wasn't tonight's mission. Blake nodded to himself. He was in the business of damage control; and sadly, business was all too good.

A rain of crysbullets pulled Blake from his musings, as the deadly 20mm shells blew craters into the durcrete sidewalks and more than a few unlucky alley residents. Those poor wrenches were on their own for the moment, Blake thought, as he disappeared into the shadows...

"Those poor wrenches were on their own for the moment, Blake thought, as he disappeared into the shadows..."

And now, the story continues...

The wrenches lay still on the sidewalk. Those who had not been hit yet wondered how someone could see their plight but still slink off into the shadows like a coward. After all, they were simple tools, unable to help themselves. They shouldn't have been in this sector at all; they were victims of an accident. Earlier this morning, the box they were being shipped in had fallen off the transport and, as a result, they'd ended up scattered all over this godforsaken street.

More crysbullets landed on the ground, taking out still more of them. The wrenches who hadn't died or been injured yet could feel the pain of their now fallen comrades. If the wrenches metal bodies had been capable of it, they would've been shivering in fear. Had they had voices, they would have cried out for help. Had they been capable of locomotion, of any sort, they would've gotten the hell out of there...

s/ (sorry, but I just couldn't resist...)

when you ask presumably reasonable people a reasonable question??? They have to mouth off creatively! So, let's add LIBRARIANS/& LIBRARIES IN FICTION.


Hey, I've never claimed to be reasonable!;D

There's already a "Blake Carver" that's a character in a romance novel someplace. A search for my name should turn it up someplace. It's probably not as good as the LISNews fanfic would be, but it still cracked me up.