Idiots & goats.

Well the election is over. I'm not real happy with the people we have elected, and I voted for most of them. The annoying chiropractor didn't win for State House and that makes me happy. He was a jerk as far as I am concerned.

Bart Birdsall did not win a School Board seat in Hillsborough county and the really annoying County Commissioner who banned 'gay pride' (that is like banning child-like wonder, or librarian crumudgeonism) won the primary election. All I have to say to Hillsborough county voters is you get what you deserve you lazy uninformed louts. Bart was the best candidate - much better than the self absorbed woman who loves to hear herself speak that now holds the seat, and more qualified than the teenager who also ran. And that Commissioner - I think she is just a whackjob - although she is a lawyer. That has always been my rule, anyone but the lawyer.

So I was annoyed about the election results so I went to the < a href=""> Zoo. I like the zoo, I especially like the goats. I petted the goats and now I am less annoyed.

Since I don't like any of the candidates that will be running in the general election and my choice will be (in almost all races) the lesser of the evils I will not be making any more campaign contributions this year. Since that gives me a little bit of extra dosh I decided to send an African a goat (not to eat).

Send someone a goat, or a cow, or a water buffalo, or some other animal at I like goats, more than most people.


Bart Birdsall has responded to questions at MD O'Neil's previous journal.

Now I know what passion flowers are. The yoga thing sounds healthful, perhaps too healthful too quickly for me. I might have to start out slowly with some basic standing and walking, perhas the occasional strech or two. Barco-lounger is my Pilates.

Bart Birdsall looks more conservative than I do. He, if one can trust his campaign site, looks clean cut and Republican. I on the other hand am bearded and most often somewhat disheveled. If I had to pick the hippie I don't think it would be Bart.

He still would have made a perfect School Board member if you ask me. Hillsborough county is a very strange place, so much potential so many whackos that screw it up. (Not that Pinellas -my county- is any better).

Well Bart if you ever get tired of the school teacher gig, let me know and I'll put in a good word at my big accounting firm place of employment they are always looking for a smart librarian or two.

Katherine Harris won the Republican primary for Senate. I realize that she's almost completely out of her mind, that her antics as Florida Secretary of State during the 2000 Presidential election were (shall we say) questionable, she's barely coherent, she seems a fusion of a sorority pageant candidate and Eva Peron, that she and I share no political and/or cultural values, and yet...I must speak in praise of older women. I can't help myself. She's darn cute and if I lived down Florida way, I'd vote for her! yeah, some people still want to read the whole story, and get the recap on how you found the info to figure out how to do this yourself...-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

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