Made In Canada?

Having a New Baby means lots of new stuff. There's piles of new clothes, some new bottles, a bunch of new toys, new furniture and about a million new diapers. Other than the diapers, almost every single things is made in China. I have a mountain of stuff here, 99.99% of it is made in China. There's 3 expections, the bottles were made in England, one person bought us 2 shirts made in the USA, and one other person bought one little outfit made in Canada! Canada would be down near the bottom of the list if I had to guess where any baby clothing was made. Nothing against Canada, I just never thought there was much of a textile industry up there.

I don't have great patriotic urges to "Buy American" these days, because it's impossible most of the time. But I do always look to see where something is made, mostly out of curiosity. It amazes me that damn near every single thing in every single mass-retailer is made in one country now.


New hope. We'll make him and his sister a better world.