How sick is this?

Have you seen the new ad campaign for Wal-Mart pharmacies? Pills dance around and form shapes like flowers...(from Brandweek) "computer-animated pills combine to create real-life objects such as flowers, a playground or a tennis ball" and "animated pills as stylized live-action characters that garden, ride bikes or play golf."

What have we come to? But one would expect this of a company with so little integrity.


I was with one of my girls the first time I saw it. We looked at each other and both said something like "that is so sick and wrong." I can't believe there's not some louder howling about that. It's on the order of Joe Camel, I'd have to say.

Drug companies have been putting out 'happy pill' commercials for a while now. Depression meds and sex boosters like to lay it on thick. But not all perscriptions are bad and some people, especially the elderly, probably do see their meds as a key to getting outside and enjoying life.

I am not joking or trying to be sarcastic in anyway. I honestly don't understanf why the ad is any big deal. So some pills morph into a tennis ball? I honestly don't see what the big deal is. Can you explain t me what issue you have with the ads?

I guess some people just don't like Walmart.