Hysterical Society

I am being offered the chance to catalog for the local Hysterical Society (sounds like a great fit for me already!) for up to 16 hours a month. This is good for me for a number of reasons...

  • It'll give me something LIS related besides Linux Librarian to do.
  • It's located in the Library, so I'll see every one I loved and worked with.
  • It's short, make your own hours.
  • The two Hysterical Society members that interviewed me (and most of the board) are Trustees of the Library as well, so I know them.
  • Did I say the hours were good? I don't have to worry about scheduling doctor's appointments.
  • It's working with local history artifacts, which I adore. Books, objects, maps...

Here are the downsides:

  • My training in Dewey cataloging is minimal (gee, thanks Simmons.)
  • I always pictured "catalogers" as organized. I am not. By any stretch.
  • The Hysterical Society room is hot. Sometimes I don't react well to heat. But then, it is set your own hours and they told me to please take it real easy so I don't get sick, even if it means skipping a week or two. Or the summer. Seriously.

So what do you think? I know the pros outweigh the cons, and the two minutes we spent on Dewey cataloging in my class seemed a lot easier than LC. That was also almost three years ago, so I think a refresher look at the textbooks is in order.

I know my cons aren't even good cons, with the exception of the first one, as heat is seasonal, and the my perception is pretty much irrelevant (except I'm so totally unorganized it drives my husband nuts.)

My mind is pretty made up if they offer I will take it, and I think their minds are pretty made up, I just have to go through the formality of sending in a resume.