Grumpy Old Bookman

Grumpy Old Bookman is a misnomer. GOB is actually a pretty nice, reasonable guy. Shhh. Don't let the word get out.

I sent him a copy of Aurora Borealis a couple weeks ago. I had written him, asking if he'd like to take a look at it. I knew he didn't do reviews per se, but being as he is a pretty highly esteemed blogger, I'd see what he thought.

He offered, much to my surprise, to take a look and make a mention if he didn't find it totally to his taste, a review if he found it more to his taste.

I got something great out of his review, which you can see here.

Not exactly a review, more like a... advisory letter addressed to me, opened by the post office and posted for all to see. Best of all, it's realistic. It's not overly glowing, it's not overly down.

My book is not deep, it's not amazing literature. It's a beach read. It's something designed to keep you entertained. If I saw it on the kids' summer reading list, I'd be greatly concerned.

Thank you, GOB, for the advice, the words of encouragement, and your thoughts on where things could be improved. Greatly appreciated.