Take That Juneau!

Daniel has been bragging about Alaska, so I'll brag about Buffalo now!

It's currently 3 degrees colder here, and the forecasted high for today is about 20 degrees cooler in Buffalo than Juneau. Last night it got down to 48 here, only 50 in Juneau. I've heard people call Buffalo the Miami of the North, but this year we've been the Juneau of the south.

I'm expecting polar bears and a blizzard any day now. I think I'll move to Juneau to warm up this summer.


It is 88 degrees outside now - it is cooler because we are expecting a pseudohurricane or watever they are calling a lot of rain - at least it is a relief from the stifiling heat.

I'd much rather be in Buffalo in the cooler weather than in the heat and humidity here today.

That and the food in Florida leaves a lot to be desired. If Buffalo only had jobs I'd be back in a second.

Today's nice here in Massachusetts, but it's rained for the past three weeks. Straight. There is water dripping through our electrical box, and three major roads got shut down locally for flooding about a week and a half ago. We got off lucky though... Some people had damage that looked like a hurricane had blown through.

I'll take cool weather over hot, as well. Not too cool, though.

I'm with shoe, I'll take cool weather over hot, I could not live down there. I've been very lucky finding jobs around here!