Cites & Insights 6:8 available

Cites & Insights 6:8, June 2006, is now available for downloading.

The 26-page issue (PDF as usual, but most essays are available as HTML pages from the C&I home page) includes:

  • Perspective: Thinking About Libraries and Access - Why I write about library access, and why I don't stick to Open Access
  • Bibs & Blather - A funny thing happened...
  • ©3 Perspective: Copyright: Finding a Balance
  • Interesting & Peculiar Products - Nine of them
  • Perspective: High-Definition Optical Discs: What You Need to Know Now
  • ©3 Perspective: Finding a Balance 2: Signs of Imbalance (Part 2 of the primary theme for this issue)
  • My Back Pages - five little essays