See shoe in print!

So I have become connected with lulu, a print on demand publisher. I had a book Aurora Borealis, that was picked up by a publisher several years ago. When the publisher decided it didn't fit in the with direction the press was going anymore, the rights reverted back to me. I felt like an abducted child came home.

The plus side of the whole abducted child scenario is that I got free editing out of the deal. So the child came home a bit better than when she left.

I have put Aurora Borealis up on for printing on demand. I even sprung a few pennies for the ISBN number, and the listing in Books in Print. So yes, you can actually order it at bookstores and through book suppliers, I suppose.

Got a few sample pages up as well, you know, if you're interested.

This link will take you to the product page.... you know,if you're interested.

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