Limerick of resignation

The Human Resources (a politically correct nonsense term for personnel - a delightful word in its own right) person wanted me to send a written resignation just so all the I's were dotted and the T's crossed.

Anyone can write a letter of resignation, and in fact I wrote some for other people that left recently. But that just wouldn't be me. I like the library and I like the people with whom I worked so I thought something original was needed.

There once was a bibliophile
Who worked at PHL for a while
He came to know
It was time to go
And he left all his friends with a smile.

It is impossible to rhyme librarian with Nantucket.


A librarian who hailed from Nantucket,
Once said, "this library doth suck it."
He grimaced and gnashed,
Then his keyboard he bashed,
And loudly proclaimed, "Oh, go f*** it!"

I stand corrected.

Of course the little checkbox for would rehire probably would be empty if I did that. Then again it probably is empty none the less :)