What's Your Stupid Human Trick?

The Freakonomics Guys say expert performers - whether in memory or surgery, ballet or computer programming - are nearly always made, not born. And yes, practice does make perfect.

Librarianship is certainly a profession where practice does make perfect, no one is born knowing what reference books are in ready reference. I don't care if you think you're the best librarian in the world, I'm curious about what else you're good at. Can you juggle chain saws, or create world class ice sculptures, or maybe you're an expert marksmen. Is this talent something you had to work at, or are you a natural? Can you ride a unicycle on a tight rope? Your talent need not be so ridiculous, I'm just thinking of amusing and impressive skills that might get you hired at Disney World.

I have but one useless, not very amusing, and apparently natural talent, I can almost always remember where I've been, and find my way back. As long as I can remember I've been amazingly good at not getting lost. I can still remember my way around places I've only been once, and haven't been back in years. The only thing that "sticks" in my head with no effort are these maps I build of where I've been.

Everything else I have some degree of proficiency at (Seems to be computer related mostly) I've had to work really hard for years. Plus everything else is really useful and rather mundane. But the ability to remember where the mall is in St. George Utah is just a stupid human trick.


Every once in awhile, programs on sideshows come on the History Channel. My dear husband says I would be the lady with the large, sleepy, overfed Burmese python. I have a penchant for feeding things (not people. Can't cook to save my life.) I have no fear of anything scaly, perhaps even when I should. Bugs are a completely different story.

I was also recently diagnosed as being hyperextensible. I am at risk of dislocating doing simple things. As a kid, I took great advantage of this, being able to dislocate my fingers and chase other kids around the playground, usually yelling things like, "Braiiiiins! Braiiiins!" or "I vant to svuck your blud!" I am paying for this now though. I bet it would get the guy that comes in to get his DVDs at 8:59 pm movin' a little faster if I ran at him like that.

I can write backwards. I can also drink tequila straight from the bottle. Probably not both at the same time, though.

I'm a multi-disciplinary thinker. I come up with all kinds of intriguing ideas, which I sometimes use to annoy the hell out of people.

One of these is: A sphere is a one dimensional object.

One idea that I've come up with that is interesting but really without any useful application is: There are, by standard measure, one quintillion, six hundred eighty quadrillion directions, rounded up, by which one can depart from any individual point.

"which I sometimes use to annoy the hell out of people"

No kiddin'?

hyperextensible is a bit icky, but tequila straight from the bottle, that's just gross

I had a friend who was hyperextensible, he was fun at parties!

No kiddin'?

Hey, I'm heavily armed, easily bored, and off my medication.