No, I haven't shut down Walt at Random

Fixed--it was a Bloglines problem--but Technorati still says I'm hossam4000talat. I imagine that will clear itself up sometime soon.

If you subscribe to Walt at Random via an aggregator, you might or might not notice that it's disappeared.

You also might or might not notice your new friend, hossam4000talat, which at the moment seems to have one brand-new entry, a "hello world." entry.

While this would be the perfect occasion to shut down Walt at Random if I was peevish enough to do so, what's happened is a software problem at LISHost. It affects a number of blogs, but so far mine seems to be the only one whose feeds have been renamed.

Blake's working on it. With luck, all will be made whole. Although the renamed RSS feeds are so strange...

If you're wondering what happened to the last post or two, same answer: No censorship, just software trouble. Now, if I could just get a selected portion of the comments on one post at one very high profile blog to crash similarly...