Where I've Been

Blake and I were IMing earlier this week and he mentioned that someone had asked where in the heck I've been. Things are all good, I'm happy to report--just frantic. I've got six weeks to sell my house, buy a house and move my family away from my home of 40 years. I've learned that if I gave over my life to housekeeping, I would have a damn fine looking house all the time. And, basically, that's what it takes to keep your house looking in show-able condition. Never before have my dishes been done with such regularity, my floors vaccumed so carefully and corners so thoroughly de-cobwebbed. If you know of anyone relocating to Bloomington, ILLINOIS, I've got a sweet bungalow available June 1.

I also haven't been blogging much about library issues at my other venues because a)I don't have much time; and b)I know that my professional life will change a great deal (and in a good way) with the new job, so I'm just waiting for the change to start blogging heavily again. It's good to know that LISNews can thrive even without my obsessive daily input. ;-) You guys are all swell!


but we're looking forward to your making your move so we can come drink a brewskie with you in beautiful LaCrosse!explorelacrosse.com>