Prejudice persists - updated

No matter how much some things change, other things just don't seem to adjust to the times and the rhythms of our 21st century world.

New York City has an openly lesbian City Council Speaker now, Christine Quinn, who is not only gay, but ***IRISH***. The St. Patrick's Day parade organizers, the Ancient Order of Hibernians, will not allow gays and lesbians to march with their chosen groups. So she has chosen not to march at all. Neither Mayor Bloomberg nor other city officials or participants could persuade the Hibernians to change their tune (hm, what if "oh danny boy" was gay???). Washington Post story.

Addendum: After reading a bit of commentary, below, and as a New Yorker of long-standing, I'm tempted to tell those Ancient Hibernians to 'get the heck out of dodge. Go take your parade somewhere else. Florida? Texas? Oh I know, South Dakota. Or back to Eire where the only real Irish are from (to quote mdoneil). Just because you've been parading for 245 years doesn't mean that you should continue with the same rules that you started with. Times change. Far less than two hundred years ago, black people had to drink at separate fountains and enter through separate doorways. Should we return to the days of slavery? I think not. Hear ye O Ancient Hibernians...time to make some changes.


Not everybody gets to march in every parade. So the AOH does not want a lesbian in their parade, the lesbians probably don't want a bunch of old Irish Catholic men in theirs.

She can march in the parade with the City Council, or some other group but there are no gay or lesbian, or gay and lesbian, or GBLT or anything like that in this parade. The AOH puts it on, the AOH gets to make the rules.

Now I have not been in the city in a few years, but I am fairly certain that there is a gay pride parade and I doubt they would let the AOH in to march with signs that say homosexual acts are a sin. (Catholics don't hate homosexuals - far from it, but homosexual acts are in our beliefs unacceptable. A person can't help how they feel, but they can help what they do.)

So boo hoo, take your jacks and go home if you must. If she kept secret with whom she has sexual relations then it would not be a problem, but she -not me I never asked and I don't want to know - and certainly not the AOH, they don't ask either- she insisted on telling people about her sex life.

Perhaps she should stop trying to make the world change to meet her wants and limit her telling of sexual escapades to a few intimates, not the entire city.

I would offer that the Hibernians are simply protecting their space such as any other reasonable group or person would that objects to non-invitees stirring up trouble.

Go to a different um parade.

And you don't think that it is OK to point out their bigotry?

As for staying in the closet, I'm sure that it would be much easier if they all just shut up so that the easily offended could pretend they don't exist.

I wonder how many good Catholic women out there, who are nodding their heads in agreement with the "love the sinner, but hate the sin" sentiment are using contraceptives? I wonder how many of their husbands are glad that they are.

Do you have to be Catholic to march in the AOH parade? Do they bar druids or protestants?

So, what if, by some miracle, Roger Casement was brought back to life and wanted to march in the AOH parade. Do you think the would let him?

Was that the first Irish gay guy you could think of?

I'm not going to post each thought as its own post so here goes:
You betcha it would be easier if they stayed in the closet, but that's not going to happen. However realistically people have the right to express their sexuality, but do they need to make it the center of their being. I don't make mine the center of my life, I have other interests. If the councilwoman wanted to march she could have marched because she is Irish (and I don't think she is Irish- her parents may be but I see no mention on any of her websites about being Irish. One is only Irish if they are... well born in Ireland) [Her website also shows she sponsored a bill to keep bovine growth hormone out of school milk- more junk science and pointless government regulation.] However her website does mention every few inches that she is a lesbian. I looked at the Mayor's nowhere does it mention it is heterosexual. Why is being a lesbian apparently here sole reason for existing?

There are no good Catholic women out there using artificial birth control. There are no good Catholic husbands happy their wives are using artificial birth control. That was an easy one. Do the questions get harder?

I have no idea if they allow Druids or Protestants, however to be a member of the Ancient Order of Hibernians one has to be a practicing Roman Catholic man over 16. If the Druids or Protestants want to march they should contact the organizers and find out if it is OK.

Remember too, St. Patrick's Day (remember the Saint part) is a religious holiday as well and demonstrating something contrary to the religious beliefs of the sponsors of the parade is insulting.

Prejudice will always exist, it is unfortunate but it is a fact of life. No matter how much we may want everyone to just get along and treat one another like brothers it just won't happen.

Certainly not the only one, but he was the first one that came to mind. Was that a problem for you? And I thought he was a good example since he is in the pantheon of Irish martyrs.

Simply because bigotry will always exist, doesn't make it excusable or right to shrug your shoulders and dismiss it with a casual "what can you do?"

If it is the center of their being, which I contest, it is because homophobic society has made it so. We have forced gays in this country to defend who they are. Mentioning that one is gay is a form of political speech that does not have the same meaning if I mention that I am heterosexual. I don't have to fight for acceptance in society in general because I am straight. The same cannot be said of gays.

The questions aren't meant to be difficult, I was curious. It seems to me that the Catholic Church, and many Catholics, have made a big show of opposing homosexuality while ignoring even greater (in numbers) breaches of Church teaching.