headlines speak for themselves


Al Qaeda suspects arrested allegedly plotting attack

You disapprove of the arrest?

Yes, Virginia the world can be a big bad place sometimes.

Not at all! Well, possibly, depending on the circumstances of the arrest, but given what I know now… not at all!I did not mean to imply I disagreed with all of these articles. Instead, they are simply a reflection on the way our world appears to be going, and the multitude of important events that are occurring on a daily basis. So much so that it is often difficult to keep up with everything.It’s sad that we have to deal with terrorists attempting to plot against us. Personally I would claim that in some part, the number of people plotting against us has been caused by the actions of the current administration… but that is an argument for another day.No matter what the cause, catching them is good. But the fact that people hate us so much is… at the very least, sad.