My Day

I did this yesterday, but since it wasn't a work day I'm not sure it counts. I sure can't keep up with Slashgirl!, but here's what I've been up to.

My day yesterday (Presidents day)
Baby needs a bottle, 6am
Baby goes back to sleep, 630am
Blake goes back to sleep, 635am
Baby wakes Blake up 900am
Playtime with baby 910am
Lunch time for baby 1045am
Pack up baby for lunch with mommy 1130am
Lunch with mommy, 1200pm
Nap time for baby 1:30pm
Work on LISFeeds and LISNews, answer email.
Baby all done sleeping 2:30pm
Playtime with baby 235pm
Grocery shopping at Wegmans, 400pm
Try to figure out why baby won't stop crying 500pm
Baby falls asleep 530pm
Dinner with mommy 600pm
Work on LISHost, LISFeeds and LISNews, answer email 700pm
Tired, bed time, 10pm
Also thrown in throughout the day was 5 or 6 diaper changes.

My day today:
All in all this was a pretty typical day. We did get 2 reference requests, which is about 1 more than average. My main tasks seem to change slowly over time. Lately it's been all running reports and stuff for metrics, in the past it was scanning, shredding and organizing boxes. I'll occasionally do presentations, or make a day trip down to headquarters in White Plains.

Alarm goes off 535am
Drag body to shower, dress, get in car and drive to work 605am
Snowy drive in, Arrive work 640am
Check email, snail mail, turn everything on, check voice mail 700am
Work on Database queries, format Excel report, have some oatmeal 830am
Find videos for checkout 835am
Fix website for ops dept. 900am
Walk down to Mary's office, drat, forgot Mary's not here 915
Back to queries, Excel, and Crystal reports. 930
Lunch, roast pork sandwich, 1100
Check Bloglines, Buffalo News, NYTimes, Yahoo News, check email 1145
Back to queries, Excel, and Crystal reports. Noon
Tell Roger to scan EAPD report
Eyes blurry from queries, Excel, and Crystal reports, go for a walk to find Ops web guy 130pm
Work on keywords clean up 145pm
Investigate strange beeping noise in the hall 210pm
Various work crud until about 345
Daycare, stop and get baby. She's asleep! Nothing worse than waking a sleeping baby 420
Baby time till mommy gets home at 530
Make some dinner, spaghetti for adults, peas for baby 630
Walk to post office & Wegman's to get some stuff 730
Night time baba with mommy and baby 800
Back at the computer 830
Answer email, set up a new LISHost account, bug hunt on LISNews, more work on LISFeeds. 915
Too tired to go on. DIdn't get to homework, LISHost ad or one other email, will have to wait. 930
Brush teeth go to bed.


Oh Blake,

It's so tiring being a new parent isn't it? I admire you and share your exhaustion. My baby left the nest this past fall(for Vassar), it's so much easier dealing with your children via e-mail and telephone. Don't worry, 18 years go by in a flash!!!!

Oh stop, you did it for 2! She's sick today, I'm hoping she'll sleep ok tonite.

Don Saklad's Day (was: Re: Way to go...)Author: James "Kibo" Parry Date: 1997/12/02Forum: alt.religion.kibologyAnd now, ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present
                                          D O N S A K L A D ' S D A Y
                Don Saklad's life is Copyright (C) 1997 James "Kibo" Parry.
        Do not live Don Saklad's life without written permission from Kibo.4:00am -- wake up4:01am -- call Boston Public Library to ask when they open4:02am -- write down that at 4:01am they said 9:00am and that this note
                      was made at 4:02am4:03am -- leave for Boston Public Library4:04am -- count the number of cracks in the sidewalk on the way4:05am -- after stepping on a crack by accident, go back and start over4:06am -- write down the license number of the bad boys who yelled swear words4:19am -- arrive at BPL4:20am -- check the back door to see if it's also locked4:21am -- wait patiently by the front door for them to open4:22am -- buy coffee at the Dunkin' Donuts across the street4:23am -- use their bathroom4:24am -- try the library doors again4:25am -- check the library dumpster for discarded evidence of the cover-up4:26am -- use the Dunkin' Donuts bathroom again4:27am -- try to get into the library through the book return slot. Fail.4:28am -- wait impatiently by the front door4:29am -- begin tapping foot exactly 1,666 times, no less, no more4:48am -- use the Dunkin' Donuts bathroom again5:14am -- finish tapping foot. Make a note of it.5:15am -- start tapping foot another 1,666 times to do a re-count for accuracy.5:29am -- altercation with homeless man who does not seem to CARE about
                      the BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY CONSPIRACY and seems DERANGED!!!5:32am -- resume waiting patiently by the front door5:33am -- check the back door again5:51am -- use the Dunkin' Donuts bathroom again5:55am -- fall asleep in Dunkin' Donuts.10:20am -- wake up at the exact same time LINCOLN WAS SHOT!10:21am -- run across the street to the library.10:22am -- go back and cross the street after looking both ways like the
                      policeman said to.10:23am -- enter the library. Ask a security guard what happened between
                      5:55am and 10:23am.10:24am -- When they say they don't know, write their badge number down.
                      Ask the name of their supervisor.10:25am -- Write down "Jack Sprat" like they said.10:26am -- use the BPL men's room.10:27am -- count all the books in the BPL.2:18pm -- count all the entries in the card catalog.4:42pm -- okay, so they have the same number. But perhaps DIFFERENT books
                      have been censored from each! Spread card catalog out on floor
                      to compare.4:43pm -- Hide from library guards in BPL men's room. Also use men's room.4:47pm -- begin counting the number of bricks in the BPL.4:48pm -- start over when distracted by the nutty person down the aisle
                      who is counting the number of light bulbs in the BPL.5:02pm -- break for dinner in the cookbook section.5:23pm -- realize that no library personnel have bothered you for almost
                      an hour. Start showing your library card to all of them, saying,
                      "I HAVE THE CARD, SO I HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HERE" until someone
                      disagrees with you.5:24pm -- make a scene.5:25pm -- use the BPL men's room again.5:28pm -- check the paper supply in all library Xerox machines. Try to get
                      dimes out by putting chewing gum on a piece of fishing line. Fail.5:32pm -- try to get gum out of hair. Start shouting "STOP STARING AT ME!!!
                      I HAVE A LIBRARY CARD!!!"5:37pm -- make a joke about the BPL having VPL. Fail to explain joke
                      because saying "VPL" makes you all giggly.5:41pm -- discover some weenie has locked the bathroom door. Run across
                      street to Dunkin' Donuts. Injure bladder trying to go through
                      BPL turnstile the wrong way.5:44pm -- upon returning, discover the BPL has closed and moved to a secret
                      location to prevent you from discovering THE SHOCKING TRUTH OF
                      THE SECRET PUBLIC LIBRARY.5:45pm -- go to a trendy cybercafe to surf the Internet.5:46pm -- discover that you've been called "a few fries short of a Happy Meal"
                      on a mailing list. Proudly repost it to alt.religion.kibology,
                      where everyone deeply cares that your public library fetish was
                      impugned. LIBRARY FETISHISM IS A SERIOUS MATTER!!!5:57pm -- go home to watch "Who's The Boss?" and try to solve the mystery
                      of who the boss is.5:58pm -- fall asleep with library card clutched in right hand. It falls
                      out of the hand and lands in the cat's dish. The cat eats it.

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