Copyright protection gone awry

As a lover of books, I wanted to point out something else you can write your senator about. A bill will be going before the Senate Judiciary Committee soon that would weaken copyright protections for authors. In otherwords, it would make it suddenly more difficult for authors to write and publish sentences like “John really liked his new Sony MP3 player.�


While I agree that the provision is unfortunate, it does not weaken copyright protection; rather, it strengthens trademark protection at the expense of a different sort of "fair use." It has no effect on copyright at all.

Given the Authors Guild stance on other aspects of fair use (e.g., Google Book Search), this particular complaint does remind me of Martin Luther... It all depends on whose fair use is being curtailed, I guess.

It gets worse: What makes use of a trademark within an article or book "noncommercial"? If the author's being paid for the article or getting royalties for the book, isn't that commercial?

Quite right. I apologize for throwing important terms like that around lightly. I considered going back and editing my previous comments, but I think I will just let it stay as it is to remind me to be more careful in the future. Thank you for your correction.

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