Bush regime as Organized Crime Syndicate

Well, if there's any doubts left among free thinkers as to whether or not the Bush regime is an organized crime syndicate, the latest development in the Tom DeLay scandal should seriously defray them. Despite DeLay being a thoroughly unprincipled and unethical scoundrel, the Republican Party has rewarded him with a plum posting to -- get this -- the Appropriations Committee.

Yes, people! Your tax dollars are now being disbursed by a man who operates with a criminal mentality (I mean more criminal than usual for polticians), and who is already under indictment.

See this article reprinted at CommonDreams.org. What's so ironic about this situation is that comes about due to the resignation of Randy Cunningham, R-Calif. He pled guilty last November to charges relating to accepting $2.4 million in bribes.


Yes, I find his appointment to the Appropriations Committee to be strangely APPROPRIATE!

I believe it is a full moon on Monday, f-f is getting a head start on it.

Do you think posting crazy stuff like this is ever going to convince someone?

Well, it certainly won't convince anyone who's mind is made up and who won't be swayed by the facts. Which is most Bush supporters.

I don't know what it is with me. I see stuff like this and conclude the Bush regime is utterly faithless. Maybe I'm unAmerican or something.

Oh, wait . . . I am nonAmerican.

Then too, I don't judge things on the basis of how they pander to my political prejudices. Which is distincly non-right-wing.

I guess I'm just a sucker who prefers to view reality on its own merits instead of how it conforms to what I think it should be.